Fall Has Arrived

March 5, 2014

It’s hard not to notice that Fall is upon us, despite the summerlike weather that keeps teasing us. Even a walk through this West Coast neighborhood will tell you leaves are changing color in their decent from their branches. The shorter days give us more time to enjoy the interior comforts of home like cooking and reading by the fire. For me its time to get the winter crops planted. This year I’m going with Kale, Beets, Lettuce, and I added to my strawberries in hope that I have a more robust Spring harvest. If you haven’t tried Kale, now is as a good a time as any as inspiration for using it is off the charts. In fact, if a vegetable can be trendy, Kale is arguably giving those Kardashian clowns a run for their money. We like to use it in everything from dinners sides after a quick blanching to adding to fruit smoothies. It’s up to you to enjoy this great time a year, and don’t forget to keep your ears open for the calls of our local owls.

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